Can You Get A Loan Without Pay Stubs?

You can get a personal loan if you don’t have pay stubs by looking for a lender that accepts bank statements or other proof of employment instead.

Pay stubs are the easiest proof of income, but most lenders are willing to accept other documents.

Can I get a car loan without pay stubs?

If you do this kind of work, you may not have pay stubs to verify your income. This can be a serious obstacle in getting the loan you need to buy a car. But buying a car without proof of income can be accomplished through lenders that take other financial factors into consideration and proper preparation.

Are there any loans for the unemployed?

The four loan-matching services we review in this article all offer personal loans to unemployed individuals, even those with bad credit. The catch is you must show some form of regular monthly income. Typical sources include Social Security, disability benefits, pensions, annuities, and unemployment insurance.

Can you get a loan with a prepaid debit card?

With a prepaid debit card loan, your lender deposits your approved funds onto the card for immediate use. You can easily access your funds. Once your lender transfers your money to your card, you can use it to shop for groceries and more at stores, pay your bills online or over the phone, even withdraw cash at an ATM.