Do Car Dealerships Take Cash For Down Payments?

Do Car Dealerships Take Cash For Down Payments?

The type of down payment accepted varies from car dealership to car dealership, however, most car dealerships accept down payments in the form of cash, checks or debit cards.

Because of high interest rates and other associated fees, making a down payment with a credit card should be your last resort.

Do car dealerships take checks for down payments?

A: Yes, dealerships will willingly accept personal checks for both down payment or for the purchase in total. However, dealerships have been known to reject temporary checks, and they will often refuse to take a check from a person who is not party to the car deal itself.

Can you get a better deal if you pay cash for a car?

The common thinking is that buying a car with cash is better than financing because you won’t have to pay interest. After all, with a cash deal, you pay exactly the price shown and no more. If you want to spend your cash, that’s great: It means you won’t have a payment or another care about the car’s financing.

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