Quick Answer: How Can I Get A Car With No Credit At 18?

Quick Answer: How Can I Get A Car With No Credit At 18?

Tips for getting a loan at 18

  • Show that you have savings. If you can show the lender you’re good at saving, the lender may be more willing to approve you.
  • Offer a deposit.
  • Get a letter from your employer.
  • Apply for a lower amount.
  • Apply for a secured loan.

Can I buy a car at 18 with no credit?

Car Loans for 18-year-olds with No Credit History. Now that you’re an adult, you may find that you need a car to get to work or classes. If you’ve never applied for credit, getting approved for an auto loan can be a challenge, although there are ways to get one with no credit history.

How can you get a car with no credit?

How to Buy a Car With Low or No Credit

  1. [See: 12 Simple Ways to Raise Your Credit Score.]
  2. Pay cash.
  3. Consider the length of the loan.
  4. [Read: The Hidden Costs of Buying a Car.]
  5. Shop around for financing.
  6. Get a cosigner.
  7. [Read: You Cosigned a Loan, They Defaulted.
  8. Find a “buy here, pay here” dealer.

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