Quick Answer: Is 700 A Good Credit Score UK?

Quick Answer: Is 700 A Good Credit Score UK?

It’s a good question, and one without a single answer because the three main credit referencing agencies (CRAs) in the UK all score consumers differently.

Each CRA states what a good credit score is on their websites: A good Experian score starts at 700, with 800 considered excellent.

With Equifax it is 660 and above.

What is a good credit score out of 700?

Credit reference agency

Credit reference agencyEquifaxCallcredit
% of lenders who use this credit reference agency55%32%
Maximum score700710
Average score in UK380611
Score bandsVery poor: 0-279 Poor: 280-379 Fair: 380-419 Good: 420-465 Excellent: 466-700Very poor: 1 Poor: 2 Fair: 3 Good: 4 Excellent: 5

1 more row

Is 492 out of 700 a good credit score?

Sure, turning a 492 credit score into a good credit score isn’t easy, considering you need a score of 700+ for that. Fair credit doesn’t even start until you reach a score of 640.

Is 510 700 a good credit score?

The bad news about your FICO® Score of 510 is that it’s well below the average credit score of 675. The good news is that there’s plenty of opportunity to increase your score. 99% of consumers have FICO® Scores higher than 510.

Is 492 a good credit score UK?

As such, a ‘good’ credit rating can vary from lender to lender. 279 to 366 is still quite a poor credit score and would still pose a risk to lenders. 367 to 419 is considered a fair credit score with some risk to lenders.

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