Is An American Express Card Worth It?

Is An American Express Card Worth It?

Is the AMEX card worth it?

Yes, it has a hefty annual fee, but it might be worth it for certain kinds of spenders and travelers. The AMEX Gold Card offers a nice balance between earning rewards and travel perks. The annual fee may seem a bit high, but it offers benefits that help justify the fee such as a $100 airline fee credit.

What are the benefits of having an American Express card?

In contrast, you’ll find no-annual-fee travel rewards cards that offer minimal travel benefits and protections. The American Express® Gold Card strikes a perfect balance with generous earning potential, plus enough perks, benefits, credits, and protections to improve your travel experience with an annual fee to match.

Why do people use American Express?

Why AmEx charges more. But many of American Express’s most popular products are charge cards rather than credit cards, meaning cardholders pay their bills in full every month and do not incur interest. AmEx’s card business relies mostly on fees — annual and other fees charged to customers and swipe fees from merchants.

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