Question: Which Is Better TransUnion Or Equifax?

What is the difference between TransUnion and Equifax?

Question: Which Is Better TransUnion Or Equifax?

Equifax Score.

Your Equifax score likely differs from your TransUnion or Experian score.

That’s because Equifax tracks your accounts differently than the other credit reporting bureaus.

Equifax also uses an 81-month credit history, which differs from the traditional seven years that other agencies use.

Which credit report is best?

The best one if you want to check your credit report? These are all questions that are on people’s minds as they try to check their credit, and perhaps improve it. The three largest national consumer reporting agencies (NCRAs) that compile and sell comprehensive credit reports are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Which credit score is best TransUnion or Equifax?

Why your scores might be different

Credit Score TypeCredit Score Range
TransUnion (TransRisk)300 – 850
Experian National Equivalency Score360 – 840
Equifax Credit Score280 – 850

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