Question: Will CarMax Buy My Car?

You may sell your car at any CarMax location with the same written offer for seven days.

If your appraisal was completed more than seven days ago, we will re-appraise your car and provide an updated offer.

Your car’s title or payoff information.

Can I sell my car to CarMax?

Why sell your car to CarMax?

  • You’ll get a written offer that’s good for seven days.
  • You can leave CarMax with payment in hand.
  • We’ll buy your car even if you don’t buy one from us.

Will CarMax buy a car with body damage?

Carmax gives reasonable quotes for cars that are sellable. However, Carmax cannot sell any car that has had any accident. So, if you have had an insurance claim against the car or if there is obvious damage, then they low-ball the offers because they resell or break up the car for parts.

How long does it take to sell a car at CarMax?

On busy days, the wait for a CarMax car buyer can become pretty long. The appraisal itself typically takes from 30-45 minutes, not including the time from when you arrive at the store until when the buyer can start the appraisal, or the time to complete any transactions.

Will CarMax buy a car with engine problems?

Yes, CarMax will buy a car with a check engine light on — and cars with more serious issues, according to a company representative. CarMax will also purchase damaged cars and cars with salvage titles. However, the company won’t necessarily sell your car back to the general public.

Are CarMax appraisals fair?

Many of our customers come to CarMax for an appraisal as a starting point. “One reason our appraisal offers are good for seven days is because we know our customers may want to ‘shop around’ and compare other offers to ours,” says Marcey. “And that’s okay!”

Does CarMax pay well for cars?

Mileage: CarMax does not retail cars with over 130,000 miles. Inventory: Even if you’re bringing in a more valuable vehicle, if CarMax has a bunch of that type of car right now, they start to pay less to buy more of them in trade ins.

Will CarMax take any car?

CarMax appraisals are thorough, but non-negotiable. You’ll need to drive your car to a CarMax location and they’ll complete the appraisal process while you wait. The online appraisal at even allows you to enter damage your car might have to get the most accurate valuation in moments.

Does cleaning your car increase trade in value?

Cleaning up your car can do wonders for its value, Glover says. “A good detailing job might cost about $50, but it could increase your car’s value by several hundred dollars.” A thorough cleaning may help you get the book value for the car, but don’t expect to get more for your vehicle than it’s worth.

Does CarMax negotiate?

Used car retailer Carmax pioneered the concept of no-haggle pricing. As the company says on its website, you get a fair price up front without having to negotiate for it. Carmax lists the Kelly Blue Book value of the vehicle and then its no-haggle price, which is usually slightly less.

Does CarMax offer more than dealerships?

CarMax is the biggest seller of used cars in the U.S. and has more than 120 stores spread nationwide. The company will evaluate your car for free and make you an offer that is good for seven days.

How do I sell my financed car?

Get the Payoff and Title for a Financed Vehicle

  1. Pay off the remaining debt – possibly with the sales proceeds from your buyer, and any extra funds that you bring to the table (if your car loan is upside-down).
  2. Transfer title to the buyer in a way that is safe – and feels comfortable – for both you and the buyer.

Can I trade in my car if it has problems?

Trading in a car with mechanical components is usually not a huge problem. Most dealerships will consider taking your car on trade. But beware, you’re probably not going to get the most value for it. Because the dealer needs to fix it or sell it as is AND make money, your appraised value will be lower than you expect.

What is the Blue Book value?

The term “Blue Book Value” refers to the value of a vehicle by a guide known as the Kelley Blue Book. The guide not only lists the value of new vehicles, but it also lists used car values. Since the 1920s, the Kelley Blue Book has served as a standard within the auto industry in the United States.

Should I sell my car before 100 000 miles?

If you want to sell your vehicle with the least amount of hassle (and for the most money), do it when everything is in good working condition. If you’ve already passed 70,000 miles, it will still be easier to find a buyer if you list your car before the vehicle reaches 100,000 miles.

Where is the best place to sell my car?

What Is The Best Place to Sell a Car Online?

  • eBay Motors. eBay is one of the top places to sell cars online, and for good reason as it boasts over 160 million buyers.
  • Craigslist. Probably the second most popular place for car selling is Craiglist.
  • ranks highly as it has one of the quickest ways to get a used car price estimate.
  • CarGurus.
  • Autotrader.

Is CarMax good to sell car?

Carmax is a great place to sell your car because they don’t get a lot of trade-ins and will usually offer you more for it than a dealer would. However, you can expect a Carmax to pay a bit less for your car than if you go through the labor of selling it via private sale to a personal buyer.

Can you sell a car back to CarMax?

If you have a loan on the car, the title is secured by a lien. CarMax will then pay off your loan to free up the title so they can sell the car. If you owe $4000 on the car and CarMax will give you $5000 for the car, then CarMax will give you a check for $1000 and you will sign the title over to them.

Is it possible to sell your car back to the dealership?

Some large dealership chains, such as CarMax, have a policy to buy any vehicle you’re willing to sell, while others work with to make an offer on any vehicle, even if you’re not buying anything in return. Before you head down to your local dealer to sell your car, we have a few pointers.